Posted on Jul 13, 2021

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Bicycles - Minimum Passing Distance Rules

Be patient and keep your distance from bike riders, at least one metre on roads with speed limits up to 60km/h, and at least 1.5 metres if you’re traveling over 60 km/h.

After overtaking, make sure you are well clear of the bike rider before moving back.

The minimum passing distance is measured from the widest part of the combination of vehicle and trailer being towed.

If drivers cannot pass the bicycle rider safely, drivers need to slow down and wait until the next safe opportunity to do so.

Be patient and keep your distance from people who ride bicycles.

Why is this rule important?
Providing enough space for bicycle riders allows them some room to swerve if they come across a parked car door opening in their path, or some debris or a hazard on the road.
Larger vehicles passing closely can create wind turbulence that can make them lose their balance.
Leaving the required amount of passing space also makes bicycle riders feel safer and more at ease while sharing the road with motorised vehicles.

Drivers can cross solid single lines, double lines or centre lines when overtaking people who ride bicycles, when there is a clear view ahead and it is safe to do so. If it’s not safe you need to wait until you find a suitable place to pass.

Photo: Bicycle Network
Info: Vicroads Website

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